jeudi 3 juin 2010

Medical Hair Prosthesis

Order Quality Wigs, Inc. has a great reputation among the health industry. We have links with great foundations such as Leucan, Hope and Cope (Jewish General Hospital) and The Cedar Center (Montreal General Hospital and Royal Victoria Hospital). We have links with well known specialists such as doctors and surgeons.

We accept hair donations for two major foundations, the Canadian Cancer Society (Quebec division) and Leucan. Order Quality Wigs, Inc. gives back to the community, every purchase made online or at our store permits us to help another child get a free wig. Help us help others by donating hair for our Can Donate program or Leucan - (Le Défi têtes rasées) or by purchasing products or services directly from us.

Now that you have a brief summary of how we help the community, we will now show you how we can help you or a loved one. Unfortunately we all know someone who has Cancer and have seen the trauma one goes through after getting the news that chemotherapy is a necessity to survive. For many the thought of losing all their hair is the hardest to get through. Many patients are worried that other people will see the loss of hair and label them as sick. We at Order Quality Wigs, Inc. know how to recreate your hair style, color and our wigs are so natural and high quality that even your closest relatives will have a difficult time seeing the difference.

We have many clients that have alopecia related to medical issues such as autoimmune disorders, stress, medications, thyroid problems and non medical issues such as age, heredity, daily damage, chemical damage, etc... If you had a work accident and you had lost your hair we are a supplier of the CSST. If you had hair loss due to a burnout or stress we are also able to help  you get back your look.

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