mardi 26 janvier 2010

New Ad

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that wigs can look so natural? I never did until I started to work with wigs. You have no idea how many people around you are wearing wigs or extensions and you never even knew. Of course people think that wigs show since the only wigs we notice are the ones that are not properly installed or of bad quality. That is why our wigs are so great, no one can know, unless of course you tell them.

Lets play a game, I want you to guess which pictures are wigs and which are not. You can post the answers on this blog directly and tomorrow I will give the answers.

lundi 25 janvier 2010

Hair Donations and Order Quality Wigs, Inc.

Order Quality Wigs, Inc. has decided to give free wigs to children who have cancer. We take the donated hair and we actually make gorgeous wigs out of them.

Journal de Montreal and 24 Heures wrote nice articles about us:
For more information about hair donation read the information below.

You have taken the first step in helping us help others.

To properly assist you, we would like to let you know that we accept hair donations in the name of the Canadian Cancer Society. All hair donated are put together to make wigs for children who have cancer and they get them absolutely FREE.

Many of us have been surrounded by a friend or family member who had or is going through Cancer. Some of you are fighters or survivors yourselves. We receive donations from children, adults and even people who are fighting Cancer.

Yes, these donations are extremely appreciated by all Cancer patients who feel they haven’t only lost their hair but they have also lost their dignity. You cannot image how much you are helping people get back their feeling of self confidence and increase their self esteem.

We feel blessed that we can volunteer our time and energy to this cause, and we thank you for your thoughtful donations on behalf of all Cancer patients all over North America.

We would like to ask everyone to send all questions by email to

Please read before cutting your hair...

Requirements are as follows:
■8-10’’ minimum donations required

■Dyed hair is accepted but please mention it on the package, the hair will be used towards making wigs.

■Grey hair is also accepted and will be used towards making wigs.

■Loose hair will be automatically discarded, because the hair is unusable for us to make wigs.

■No dreaded or tangled hair please.

Instructions on how to donate your hair:

■First wash the hair and let dry properly, please do not send wet or damp hair.

■The hair should be cut in as many ponytails as possible. If this isn’t a possibility for you please send us the hair in one ponytail but well attached at both ends.

■The hair should at all times be properly attached and placed in a zip lock or plastic bag. You may send it by mail at the address below:

Order Quality Wigs Inc.
CanDonate Hair Program
5847 Cote des Neiges
Montreal, QC, H3S 1Z2

***If you want to drop it off, just leave it at the reception***

If you have a story about a loved one that fought Cancer that you want to share, you can include that with your hair donation and with your information and we can post it on our website. You can also mention to whom you want to dedicate your donation to. Please also give us permission to post your story.

If you have any questions please send an email to, if you want us to cut and style your hair we offer that service. We can cut and style your hair which comes with a fee, you can even bring a picture of a style you want and we can reproduce it to the best of our ability.

Thank you again for choosing Order Quality Wigs, Inc.!

Another great day!

We made many people happy today, one in particular made me feel really great.
Again she had lost her hair due to her chemo. She purchased one of our amazing Diamond wigs and Mario cut and styled it for her. The lady was so happy, her daughter said she hasn't seen her mother smile in a long time!
That made me smile :)

dimanche 24 janvier 2010

Funny story

If you didn't know, well I wear wigs I don't just sell them. So anyways, I was at a coffee shop today and a girl comes up to me and says: Wow, you have really great hair! I have been trying to grow mine and it keeps breaking. So I played along, I started to tell her to use certain products and she was taking notes! Anyways so finally I said come and I will show you a trick, we went to the women's room and I took off part of my wig. She freaked!!!  She couldn't believe it. So I explained the concept of our lace front - lace back wig and she took an appointment for a consult with me tomorrow.

How strange is that?

Ellen Joy Cohen

I would like to speak about a woman named Ellen Joy Cohen, a dear friend.

The first thing I would like to say is that she used to work with me. We worked long and hard making cancer patients look and feel great.

Ellen worked many months with us until she found a very large lump on her breast. She knew right away that she should go and get it checked, which she did. Unfortunately it was malignant and she knew that her life would change.

I knew that I would have to work to make her a perfect wig. I matched her colors and I did my best to design the perfect wig for her. She was so happy that she looked almost identical (she said she looked even better) to when she had her own hair.

When the wig came in, Ellen was so upset about having to shave her hair, but it had to be done since she barely had one hair on her head. After taking away the last of her hair I placed the "Ellen" wig on her head.

Ellen was so happy with the wigs that she had three of them, hoping that one day her hair would grow out to a length that she could accept.

Unfortunately my dear friend and co-worker Ellen Joy Cohen died last week after being told she was Cancer FREE!
I will miss you and so will everyone that had the pleasure to know you!